Sir Reginald’s Swill Vodka

Sir Reginald’s Swill Vodka is meticulously crafted from the finest American ingredients. Corn from family farms gives Swill it’s distinctive smooth, clean taste. No chemical after taste. Just a slightly sweet finish that is perfect on the rocks, mixed or in Sir Reginald’s Swill-tini.

American Made

Swill is a superb five time distilled American Vodka crafted from America’s great native grain corn, to create an exceptionally smooth finish. The corn is carefully selected and processed by a wet milling method to remove the starches from the grain prior to converting the starches to sugar.

Taste the DifferenceSwillLabel

  • Crafted from the finest American grain corn available
  • Gluten Free
  • Five times distilled using purified water
  • Filtered to a purity of less than one micron
  • Ultra Premium Vodka

Gluttony with a Sophisticated Elegance!

Enjoy a night out on the town or create your own vodka drinks with family and friends.  The next time you pour a perfect drink for a close friend, serve them Sir Reginald’s Swill Vodka!

Read the Reviews

Wine Enthusiast Rates Swill Vodka a “91″ and a “Best Buy”:
Sir Reginald’s Swill Ultra Premium Vodka.  The amusing name and funny label, with a cartoon pig in a top hat, nods to this spirit’s primary ingredient, corn sourced “from family farms.”  With its subtle sweetness and citrusy, crip finish, this vodka has all the right attributes for ice-cold vodka martinis.  Best Buy.
Kara Newman.

Independent reviewers and vodka advocates:
“Swill is fresh and clean, with a hint of peppery spice at the finish, smells of mown grass, clear water and alcohol, mouth feel isn’t oily or watery; just right.  Impressed by how clear clean and crisp!”

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